Healthy Eating on a Budget

A nutritious diet is a cornerstone of any wellness plan.

If people want to feel good, then they need to be mindful of what they are putting into their bodies. There is a belief that healthy eating can only be achieved by spending lots of money; however, this is simply untrue. People must be disciplined about where they shop, what types of food they buy, and how they prepare their meals.

Purchasing groceries is a major time and money investment each week. To save money, choose budget supermarkets that have robust produce departments, and pay attention to their weekly sales. Explore shopping at Mexican, Asian, and Indian markets that often have staples such as rice and spices for less than traditional grocery stores. Buy grains, beans, and nuts from the bulk aisle when possible, as bulk items often cost less than their packaged counterparts. Visiting farmer’s markets during the last hour of the day can yield great deals as vendors often do not want to carry product home with them and will sell it cheaply.

For more on how to eat healthy on a budget, check out Medium!


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